Safehouse attendees are chatting

Safehouse provides help to those struggling with poverty, substance abuse, and homelessness in the greater Lafayette, LA area.

Whenever and wherever there is a need, the goal of the Safehouse family is to meet it.

Over the last six years, Safehouse has taken this calling seriously. The organization has fed the homeless through a program named Hot Dogs in the Park; and provided meals to families in low income areas. They have donated supplies ranging from toiletries to furniture to existing shelters and sober living houses. In 2019, Safehouse launched KidSpace, which outfits visitation rooms for children in foster care. Safehouse also coordinates meetings for Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-centered 12-step recovery program.

The Safehouse team is excited to introduce its next ministry opportunity: Safehouse Sober Living. After witnessing the struggles those in recovery face as they try to get back on their feet again, Safehouse leaders have decided to open a series of sober living houses to help people get their lives back. The first house opened in early 2021 with a planned expansion to 10 homes by 2024.